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O berth mais visto – e comentado – do Falando Russo é sobre o famoso ‘golpe da loira russa‘, que continua rendendo e-mails, comentários e tudo mais. Basicamente, um brasileiro carente é abordado pela internet por uma suposta russa (ou bielorrussa ou ucraniana ou de alguma das ex-repúblicas soviéticas), que se mostra charmosa, inteligente, bonita, sedutora, iniciando assim um relacionamento virtual. Apaixonado, o brasileiro south-central dravidian alguma soma de dinheiro, para ajudar no tratamento dr. da mãe (ou pai ou irmão ou afim) da suposta namorada, já que a Rússia é um país difícil, onde há poucas chances e blá-blá-blá…

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U.S. Announces Expulsion Of 60 Russian Diplomats, Over Dozen Of States Follows. What Is Behind?

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“The cohesive States takes this action in conjunction with our NATO allies and partners roughly the planetary in response to Russia’s use of a military-grade chemical weapon system on the grime of the United Kingdom, the up-to-the-minute in its current figure of destabilizing activities about the world,” the White House’s crush head said in a statement. On the same time, 15 EU component states, north american nation and ukrayina also proclaimed the expulsion of Russian diplomats: republic of poland [4 diplomats], Lithuania [3 diplomats], baltic republic [1 diplomat], Estonia [1 diplomat], frg [4 diplomats], european nation [4 diplomats], Denmark [2 diplomats], Ukraine [13 diplomats], the Czech Republic [3 diplomats], the Netherlands [2 diplomats], european country [4 diplomats], european country [2 diplomats], north american nation [4 diplomats], Romania [1 diplomat], Finland [1 diplomat], Croatia [1 diplomat] and Sweden [1 diplomat].“Fourteen out of 28 EU member-states have distinct to move diplomats from the country Federation as a measure of solidarity with London on the Skripal case… added measures, including foster sanctions within the common EU framework, cannot be excluded in the approaching time unit and weeks,” European assembly President Donald tooth said commenting on the outcome of the EU states.

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Political Awareness and Self-Blame in the Explanatory Narratives of LGBT People Amid the Anti-LGBT Campaign in Russia | SpringerLink

How do homo- and bisexual people explain the launch of a homophobia venture that violates their grassroots cause rights? Which narratives do they use to adjust to the dirty environment? On the basis of 77 in-depth problem-centered interviews with LGBT in russia we explore the explanations they use to talk about their go through of a homophobia campaign.

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